Interview Feature with ReignXY

In mid July, Nic Earley sat with Reign XY, a multi-media outlet for women of color by women of color. In this interview feature, Nic answers several thought-provoking questions that offer a deeper insight into who he is both as an individual and an artist.


[Nic] strongly believe that music’s full power is something humans don’t understand. Music exists and operates on so many levels. Music is spiritual, physical, scientific, artistic, timeless and timely all at the same moment. Its power to connect people to memories, moments and ideas is unparalleled. Music engages the psyche and operates in a dimension that we’ve still yet to categorize. [Nic knows] that sounds cliche and extra, but once you’ve had that truly spiritual experience with music, you’ll know what I mean. [Nic tries] to engage that power by making the music that relates to my experience directly.

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