Nic Earley is an artist that is embarking on a journey to help us feel and understand music the way he does. He has something new to offer the music world, coupled with an old flavor he has gained over his lifetime. While some may describe themselves as having an ‘old school’ sound, Earley truly allows this sound to become a part of his brand and the essence of his style. Originally from Covina, CA, and now residing in Harlem, Earley has been exposed to music since he came home from the hospital in 1995. As a child born in the 90s, there is a multitude of obvious influences on him, yet his sound remains present in what is going on in this day and age. His sound is the perfect intersection between someone who is reverent of how his upbringing has shaped his musical ear and perspective, but someone who still enjoys a great 808 and pop synth.

The multi-instrumentalist started piano at the age of four and has performed on a variety of stages including radio appearances, theater stages, and jazz festivals. His music is fervently driven upon elements of jazz, soul, and R&B. He is someone that you will hear a lot of live instrumentation, vocal stacked harmonies, and jazzy, soul-influenced melodies.